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About Us

We bought our first two lipizzaners -89 and continued to buy more young mares over the years. The lipizzaner breeding here at Sparlösabergs Gård has been going on since we bought the farm -00. The breeding took off -06 when we had our fist own approved stallion, unfortunally he got injured and we had to put him to death -09. However, -08 we got two new stallions approved and since then the new individuals we've bred ourselves is looking very promising. At the farm we also have an asparagus cultivation, as well as a small breeding of Jack russel Terrier. The farm is located between Vara and Grästorp about 5-6km from road 47.

Contact Details
+46512-62023 - Homenumber
+46703162023 - Mobile, Jörgen eller Sarina.

Jörgen Karlsson
Sparlösebergs gård
534 90 Vara

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